Wednesday, June 7, 2017

UFO's vs God

     Ufo's and God have a lot of things in common if you think about it. Ufo's and God each have witnesses who have claimed to see their existence. People claim to see Ufo's and people claim to have seen God, an act of God, or a messenger of God.

     The large question that everyone wants to know is "wheres the proof"? When you talk about proof, there is subjective proof and there is objective proof. These are the only two definitions of proof that really count. An example of subjective proof would be this picture posted to the right. It is a painted or CGI image which is fairly easy to determine. We can see that it's a fake image because of the cartoon like objects, characters, and colors.

     No one with any level of common sense or intelligence would claim that this is a real picture which proves God and Ufo aliens exist. Another example of subjective proof would be an eyewitness or observation of what someone claimed to see. Interpretation is highly subjective and backed by numerous scientific experiments which show how faulty our senses and interpretations can be. The goal in court cases to defend or prosecute a person rests mainly on objective evidence.

     Objective evidence in short is physical evidence which can be observed and tested. If there was an eyewitness which identified you as a recent bank robber, this is subjective evidence. If there are numerous eyewitnesses which identified you as the robber, this would give more credence to prove that you robbed the bank. Unless there is objective physical evidence found such as money from robbing the bank or video showing you in the bank, the eyewitnesses and prosecution have no real proof.

     So which has more objective proof, ufo's or God? This is such an easy question to answer, but there are far more believers in God than there are in ufo's. There is no objective proof of God, but countless objective proof's of ufo's. All the while, a believer in God will often laugh at those who believe in ufo's while seeing nothing funny about their belief in a God. The Bible, Koran, and any other religious text all rely on faith because they have no objective proof to justify the existence of a God.

     In the case of proving ufo's, no faith is needed because there is proof. Ufo's mean "unidentified flying objects" however, many associate the mention of ufo's with alien spacecraft. There are numerous video's which can easily be found that show ufo's. Many of the videos are fake, but many are real. It takes an ignorant person to claim that everything in the sky and every video showing a ufo, can be either debunked or proven to be faked. Unless you are an expert in video and picture analysis, you rely on trust and subjective interpretation of the objective video. Even objective video proof requires subjective interpretation.

     The picture at the top is objective in part because it can be viewed and tested for authenticity. It requires subjective interpretation to differentiate whether the image is real or fake. If the picture of God and the alien ufo were real, this still wouldn't be proof to many people as for as proving their existence. Proof usually consists of multiple pieces of objective evidence just as a criminal case does in the courtroom. Objective proof of ufo's would include the objective evidence such as the video and physical pieces of the ufo. Even with physical objective "proof" of the ufo, that proof would rely on our trust in whoever made the claims and presented the evidence.

     With all of the videos and claims of ufo's that I was seeing, I wanted to take some of the trust out of the equation. So kinda as a hobby, I began recording random patches of sky to test whether or not ufo's exist. I wanted to see if there are actually things flying around that can't be identified as natural such as birds, bugs/insects, debris, drones, and known aircraft. I have caught some pretty amazing things on camera that I have to consider some to be true ufo's after comparing and analyzing them with common things caught on camera. As to whats flying the ufo's, I can only speculate because I have no objective evidence to support my opinion.

          The ufo in the video above appears at :01. I record the videos in slow motion at 240 frames per second because more frames make it easier to differentiate between a ufo and natural object. The usual recording speed preset on most devices is 60 frames per second. I have also caught many more objects on video that I determined to be ufo's.

     The videos don't prove that what I caught on video are ufo's because I have no pieces of the ufo's to present. Like all other things, whether you believe they are ufo's rely on trust of whether I am correct or mistaken, and trust that your perceptions and video analysis is advanced enough to identify what you observe. Proof of God works in a similar manner. The evidence for God is based on faith and trust that the religious texts are true, and trust in your analysis and interpretation of the texts, or trust in the preachers interpretation of the texts.

     The only pictures or images of God are like the cartoon picture at the top of the post, however there exists hundreds if not thousands of actual ufo images and video. In the search of proof between God vs Ufo's, God gets knocked out. But in a highly subjective world, proof is in the eyes of the beholder.